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Alpha Cambridge School

The Alpha Cambridge School is one of the member schools of Taleb Education City, providing a high-quality British education.

Beta Cambridge School

The International School With State-Of-The-Art Facilities Is Ready Now In Al Mashaf, Al Wukair, Qatar provide Your Child With an Activity Based Learning Experience.

Doha Modern Indian School Expansion

It especially the Indian Community in its urge to have quality Indian Curriculum  (CBSE) Thereby facility higher education options

Cambridge International School

This School again provides top quality british curriculum  education which the is designed to provide not only academic knowledge and information but also to develop the skills that will help our students to achieve success in the future. 

The Cambridge School

At Cambridge School, Doha, there are enthusiastic teachers from all over the world who are caring and friendly and are constantly top British Curriculum education .

Holiday Villa

This, a Member of the Taleb group is a landmark in the hospital arena with a center located hostel come Residence all of a top hotel/Apartment Complex.

D’villa Residence Doha

Al Adekhar Real Estate Real Estate Developer .

This  Again is top hi-tech residence complex for long term stay unit all facilities

Status: Completed Year 2014

Qatar Business Incubation Center

A unit of  Al Adekhar Real Estate Real Estate Developer, is part of this new business concept  center.

Status: Completed Year 2014

Daihatsu Garage in Industrial Area

Unit of Al Adekhar Real Estate Real Estate 

Status: Completed Year 2014

Icono View

Unit of Al Adekhar Real Estate Real Estate  .


Unit of Al Adekhar Real Estate Real Estate

Turkish Hospital

Unit of Al Adekhar Real Estate Real Estate

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