Turkish hospital

Taleb Group & RUZGAR company Corporation

The RUZGAR Company is considered as the foundation-stone of the ‘Turkish Federation of Private Hospitals’ and, because our main objective is the provision of the best health services anywhere, we have had the idea of establishing a “Turkish Hospital” in Qatar, which is the result of sincere and intensive cooperation between Turkey and Qatar.  Qatar is presented in this project by the TALEB GROUP , which is one of the largest and most active companies in Qatar, and we are really honored to work with them.


Turkish Hospital 

The Turkish Hospital brings together the global experience of the finest doctors in Turkey and the best and latest medical devices to ensure the highest level of healthcare provision for Qatar.

As the Turkish Hospital, we undertake to develop ourselves continuously in line with all developments within the health sector, on the basis of the World Health Organization (WHO) requirements.

The real meaning of our white coat as doctors is to respect the patient, to consider him as a member of our family, and each patient is in safe hands with our doctors in the Turkish Hospital.

Address: C Ring Road , New Salata

Tel: +974 44992444


Website: www.turkishhospitals.com

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