Qatar Infrastructure Co. W.L.L- Construction Works

Qatar Infrastructure, a limited liability company, established in 2005 with Head Office in Doha, is a member of Taleb Group of Companies (TGC). It is a joint venture Company with Giza Constructing Company, a fifteen years old leading Construction Company in Qatar.

Qatar Infrastructure provides all kinds of services in Engineering Field such as General Construction, Infrastructure, Maintenance Works, Road works, MEP works and Others Contract base works in Doha; thus a true construction company in its true sense.

Qatar Infrastructure has grown over the past 8 years and is now a multi-disciplinary Organization with Group A classification awarded by Central Tender Committee (CTC) and Ministry of Finance State of Qatar and is listed in the panel of contractors with most of the Major public sector government organizations and consulting companies in Qatar such as Ashgal, Kahramaa, Ministry of Interiors, Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Foundation, Qatar Development Bank (QDB), United Development Company (UDC) and Qatar Museums authority etc.

Qatar Infrastructure also responsible for Maintenance Works for General Civil Constructions, Infrastructure (Roads, Drainage, and Water Pipelines etc) & MEP work.

Currently Qatar Infrastructure involved with Ministry of Interior for Civil & Plumbing Maintenance works for various Projects in Doha. Qatar Infrastructure has been involved with Holiday Villa Hotel for all MEP Maintenance works by yearly renewable contract agreement. Qatar Infrastructure is able to undertake any call-based Maintenance works and various types of call-based Maintenance works is ongoing for Taleb Group of Companies at difference Location in Doha.


     a. Excavation and Earth Works.
    b. Demolishing works.
    c. Block works
    d. Concrete works
    e. Roofing works
    f. Carpentry & Joinery works
    g. Metal works.
    h. Finishes works
    i. MEP works
    j. Other construction related works


    a. Maintenance works for Civil & Architectural works.
    b. General call-based Maintenance works.
    c. Electro-mechanical works.
    d. Road Maintenance works
    e. Drainage, Sewerage and Water Pipelines Maintenance work


    a. Design, Construction & maintenance of Road works.
    b. Drainage, Sewerage and Water Pipelines.
    c. Water Distribution Networks.
    d. High Voltage Cable Transmission & Electrical Substation.
    e. Others Infrastructure related Works.


    a. Plumbing works.
    b. Drainage works.
    c. Sanitary & Bathroom Fittings.
    d. HVAC works.
    e. Mechanical works for External Works.
    f. Fire Fighting works.
    g. Irrigation works.
    h. Others Mechanical Related Works.
    i. Prepare the Design & Shop drawings for Consultant approval for Mechanical related works.
    j. Prepare & Submission of Technical Submittal & Technical Specifications to Consultant for approval.
    k. Inspection, Testing & Commissioning for all Mechanical & HVAC Equipment and devices.


    a. Installation of Transformer for designated Project.
    b. Installation of High Voltage Switchgear for Designated project.
    c. High Voltage Cable Pulling & Termination.
    d. Installation of MV & LV switchgear for Designated Project.
    e. Installation of HV, MV & LV Panel according to project requirements.
    f. Installation of Sub Main Switch Board, Sub Main Board & Distribution Board as per project Specifications & requirements.
    g. Cable & Wire Terminations between Switching point and Load Point.
    h. Cable Terminations for SMB, SMDB & DBs.
    i. Installation of Lighting Fixtures for Indoor & Out Door.
    j. Installation of Feeder Panel for Street Lighting.
    k. Installation of Street Lighting Pole with Luminaires.
    l. High Voltage & Low Voltage Cable Transmission & Pulling.
    m. Design & Construction of Electrical Substation.
    n. Fire Alarm System.
    o. Building Management System.
    p. Light Current System.
    q. Audio Visual System.
    r. CCTV System and others Electrical related works.



Address: P.O Box: 200035 - Al Rawabi Street , Muntazah Area , Doha-Qatar.

Tel: +974 44372464

Fax: +974 44372464


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